Bayou Biolabs


Research Biochemicals and Custom Services

We provide inexpensive biochemicals and custom services to meet your research needs. We are a leading provider of molecular biology enzymes, DNA ladders, and plasmid DNA. Our M13 ssDNA products are routinely used for origami research. Our enzymes are typically 10 fold to 100 fold less expensive than other suppliers. We provide inexpensive economical custom manufacturing services to make any type of nucleic acid and protein, on any desired scale. Nucleic acid types include plasmids, phage DNAs, and linear DNAs. Our custom plasmids can be used for gene therapy applications. Proteins include enzymes, multi-subunit enzymes, tagged enzymes, endotoxin free enzymes, etc, for any application. All products are made in the USA.


Plasmids and M13 Phage DNAs

pUC plasmids and M13 phage DNA supplied in bulk quantity at low prices


DNA Ladders

Complete line of DNA ladders for gel electrophoresis, from 20 bp to 10 kilobases at low prices


Enzymes for Molecular Biology

Enzymes for recombinant DNA research and for nucleotide modification supplied at low prices

Custom Plasmids

Custom Plasmid / Phage DNA Production

Custom production of your plasmid or phage DNA, from milligram to gram scale, for any application including gene therapy


Custom Enzyme Production

Custom production of your protein or enzyme, from milligram to multi-gram scale, purified and assayed according to your specifications



Proprietary enzyme reagent which converts any plasmid preparation to nearly 100% supercoiled form.



Proprietary enzyme reagent which selectively degrades linear chromosomal DNA contamination from plasmid preparations.



Proprietary enzyme reagent which repairs nicks and gaps in double stranded DNA

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