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Plasmid Purification by Exonuclease Digestion of Linear DNA Contamination

Description: Exonuclease-It™ is an enzymatic reagent is designed to selectively digest linear chromosomal DNA contamination in a plasmid preparation, without significantly degrading any supercoiled plasmid (or any covalently closed circular plasmid). Exonuclease-It™ will also degrade open circular plasmid and circular single stranded DNA. Exonuclease-It contains a proprietary mixture of exonucleases to accomplish this task. In a typical 6 hour incubation, Exonuclease-It™ will reduce the amount of linear chromosomal DNA contamination in a plasmid preparation by about 98 percent. The by-products of the exonuclease digestion are deoxynucleoside monophosphates. Exonuclease-It is ideally used as an added step in any plasmid purification method, in order to thoroughly remove chromosomal DNA. The supplied reagent is sufficient for purifying 150 mg of plasmid. Exonuclease-It is not for use in purifying plasmid for human therapy.

Applications: The primary application is the removal of chromosomal DNA contamination from plasmid preparations. However, Exonuclease-It may be used in any application to selectively digest linear DNA without significantly degrading covalently closed circular double stranded DNA. For example, a mixture of linear DNA and covalently closed circular DNA may be generated by a ligation reaction. Exonuclease-It can selectively digest the linear DNA vector prior to transforming cells, in order to reduce background transformants. Exonuclease-It may be used after Supercoil-It™. The Supercoil-It incubation converts open circular plasmid to supercoiled form, and subsequent Exonuclease-It™ incubation removes chromosomal DNA contamination.

Inexpensive: Purifies 150 mg of plasmid for only $200.

Supplied: Exonuclease-It™ is supplied with sufficient 40X buffer.

Shipping: This product requires shipment on either wet ice or dry ice.

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Price Catalog Description
$200 X-101 Exonuclease-It, purifies 150 mg plasmid
$600 X-102 Exonuclease-It, purifies 750 mg plasmid
$1,200 X-103 Exonuclease-It, purifies 3,000 mg plasmid