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Custom Plasmid and Phage DNA Preparation

Milligram to Gram Scale

Applications: We custom produce high purity, low cost plasmid and phage DNA for research applications in vitro and for animal research. Our custom plasmids are useful for transfection applications, gene therapy, and DNA vaccine research. Our custom M13 single stranded phage DNA can be used for origami applications. We do not produce DNA products for direct human clinical use, nor for indirect human clinical use (e.g. plasmids use to generate adenovirus or retrovirus for human injection).
Experience: We have offered the custom plasmid preparation service for since 1996. We have experience in making bulk quantities of all types and sizes of plasmids. We routinely supply bulk plasmid to customers in the pharmaceutical and gene therapy industries. Our service is completely confidential. You only need to supply us with a small sample (1 ug) of your plasmid, or the plasmid in an E. coli host. We do the rest.
Five Scales: We offer five scales - 8 liters, 16 liters, 32 liters, 100 liters, and 400 liters. For the 8, 16, and 32 liter scales, the bacterial host is grown in shaker flasks. For the 100 and 400 liter scales, the bacterial host is grown in industrial fermentors. The cost per liter for the service falls dramatically for larger scales.
Yield: Our plasmid yields are usually double the yield of a preparation grown in LB broth. We use a proprietary rich broth formulation to achieve this higher yield. Typical yields for pUC based plasmids are between 10 to 15 mg per liter. We routinely achieve even higher yields. Our record yield is 32 mg per liter. The average yields for 8 and 16 liter scales are 100 mg and 200 mg respectively. The yield for 100 liter scale ranges from 1 - 2 grams. Yield is highly dependent on the individual plasmid. For new plasmids, we initially optimize the fermentation step and obtain an estimated plasmid yield, prior to performing the large scale fermentation. If the estimated yield for a plasmid is unacceptably low for the customer, the customer may cancel the preparation at no cost.
Plasmid Quality: The plasmid is prepared by our own proprietary plasmid preparation process. The bioactivity of our plasmid is similar to the bioactivity of Qiagen plasmid. Plasmid is typically greater than 90% supercoiled. The final plasmid product is low in endotoxin, RNA, protein, RNase, DNase, nucleotide, and nucleoside contamination. Plasmid is not exposed to UV radiation or to mutagenic ethidium bromide during the purification process, ensuring maximal biological activity.
Supercoiled Purification: We are the only company in the world to offer the highest purity possible - supercoiled purified plasmid. In the supercoiled purification, we remove most of the nicked plasmid and most of the residual chromosomal DNA contamination. We can perform this process on any scale - from 8 liters to 400 liters and higher. The supercoiled purification process is highly efficient. Less than 10% of the supercoiled plasmid is lost in the process. The final plasmid product is usually greater than 95% supercoiled. This process is proprietary. The supercoiled purification is optional. Click Here for Examples of supercoiled purification shown in the gel photos.
Buffer Selection: The final plasmid product is usually supplied as a dry pellet. Alternatively, the plasmid can be supplied in any buffer and at any concentration requested by the customer.
Quality Control: The final plasmid product is checked by agarose gel electrophoresis to confirm plasmid size and purity. The plasmid product is supplied with a data sheet which includes the total yield, plasmid concentration, Abs260/Abs280 ratio, and a gel photograph.
Fast Service: One week turn around time for the 8 and 16 liter scale. Two to four weeks turn around time for the 100 liter scale. The final plasmid product is shipped Fedex overnight delivery at the customer's expense - usually about $60 for shipping.
Warranty: The plasmid materials produced by Bayou Biolabs are experimental in nature and are provided to customer "as is" without any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and without any other warranty, express or implied.
Discounts: Discounts are available for multiple plasmid preparation orders.
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Catalog Price Description Average Yield
P-301 $3,000 8 liter scale (add $500 for supercoiled purification) 100 mg
P-302 $4,500 16 liter scale (add $1,000 for supercoiled purification) 200 mg
P-303 $7,000 32 liter scale (add $1,500 for supercoiled purification) 400 mg
P-304 $16,000 100 liter scale (add $2,500 for supercoiled purification) 1,000 mg
P-305 inquire 400 liter scale