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pUC and M13 DNA

Plasmid and Phage DNA for Molecular Biology Research

Highly Purified: Purity is suitable for all molecular biology applications. Free of RNA, protein, nucleotide, RNase, and DNase contamination. pUC plasmids are virtually pure supercoiled form, containing minimal nicked plasmid and chromosomal DNA contamination. M13 double stranded plasmids are further purified to remove all residual single stranded phage DNA, which can interfere with transformations.

Origami: M13mp18 ssDNA and M13mp19 ssDNA are useful for DNA origami applications.

Inexpensive: Our M13mp18 ssDNA is 15 fold less expensive than New England Biolabs. Our pUC19 plasmid is 8 fold less expensive than New England Biolabs.

Supplied: pUC plasmids and M13 ssDNA are supplied in TE buffer at 1.0 ug/ul concentration. M13 dsDNA plasmid is supplied at 0.50 ug/ul concentration.

Bulk quantities: Bulk quantities from 100 mg to 100 grams are available at low cost. Please contact us for price and availability of bulk quantities.

Free Shipping: anywhere in the USA by first class air mail - ships at ambient temperature.

Catalog Price Description
P-101 $150 pUC18 plasmid, 1,000 ug
P-102 $150 pUC19 plasmid, 1,000 ug
P-103 $150 pUC118 plasmid, 1,000 ug
P-104 $150 pUC119 plasmid, 1,000 ug
P-105 $150 M13mp18 plasmid, 100 ug
P-106 $150 M13mp19 plasmid, 100 ug
P-107 $150 M13mp18 single stranded phage DNA, 500 ug
P-108 $150 M13mp19 single stranded phage DNA, 500 ug
P-109 $150 p8064 single stranded phage DNA, 500 ug

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The DNA sequence of our M13mp18 is 100% identical to the sequence of M13mp18 from New England Biolabs.
For the Bayou Biolabs M13mp18 DNA sequence, please click here.