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Enzyme Reagent for Converting Open Circular Plasmid to Supercoiled Form


1% agarose gel stained with ethidium bromide
lane 1: supercoiled plasmid ladder
lane 2: plasmid preparation before Supercoil-It (about 50% supercoiled)
lanes 3 and 4: plasmid preparation after Supercoil-It (nearly 100% supercoiled)

Description: Supercoil-It™ is a proprietary enzymatic reagent which produces nearly 100% supercoiled plasmid from any plasmid preparation, regardless of the initial percentage of open circular plasmid, plasmid size, plasmid sequence, and plasmid source. This is accomplished by enzymatically converting open circular plasmid in the plasmid preparation to supercoiled plasmid. Because this technology is based on enzymatic conversion, and not removal of open circular plasmid from supercoiled plasmid, there is little loss of total plasmid in the Supercoil-It purification reaction. Supercoil-It is NOT for use in purifying plasmid for human therapeutic use.

Inexpensive: Purifies 150 mg of plasmid for only $200.

Supplied: Supercoil-It is supplied with 20X Supercoil-It Buffer. Instructions for use are included.

Shipping: Supercoil-It requires shipment on dry ice.

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Price Catalog Description
$200 S-101 Supercoil-It, purifies 150 mg plasmid
$800 S-102 Supercoil-It, purifies 750 mg plasmid
$150 S-301 20X Supercoil-It Buffer, 12.5 ml