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T4 DNA Ligase

Inexpensive, Molecular Biology Grade, High Concentration

Catalog Number: E-102
Price: $150
Description: T4 DNA Ligase, 10 mg
Total Units: 6 million cohesive end ligation units

Description: T4 DNA ligase ligates adjacent 3’-hydroxyl and 5’-phosphate bases in double stranded DNA in the presence of ATP cofactor. T4 DNA ligase ligates sticky end dsDNA and blunt ended dsDNA fragments.

Inexpensive: 100 fold less expensive than New England Biolabs. This is the least expensive commercial preparation of T4 DNA ligase in the world. One tube of our T4 DNA ligase will last many years for a typical laboratory.

Highly Purified: Greater than 98% purity as determined by SDS-PAGE gel analysis. Purity is suitable for all molecular biology applications. This product does not contain bovine serum albumin, or any other protein additives.

Supplied: T4 DNA ligase is supplied in glycerol buffer at high concentration, usually 10 mg/ml or higher. Typical ligation reactions can be easily accomplished by using a 100 fold (or more) dilution of this T4 DNA ligase preparation.

Quality Control: T4 DNA ligase is fully quality control tested for ligase activity, and for absence endonuclease and exonuclease contaminating activities. T4 DNA ligase is free of contaminating DNA and RNA, and free of protein additives such as BSA.

Bulk Quantities: Bulk quantities from 100 mg to multiple grams are available at low cost. Please contact us for price and availability of bulk quantities.

Shipping: Standard shipping for T4 DNA ligase is Federal Express overnight delivery in wet ice.

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