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DNA Gyrase

Inexpensive, Molecular Biology Grade, High Concentration

Catalog Number: E-101
Price: $150
Description: DNA Gyrase, E. coli, 1 mg

Description: DNA gyrase catalyzes the conversion of covalently closed circular plasmid to supercoiled form in the presence of ATP.

Inexpensive: 100 fold less expensive than Sigma. This is the least expensive commercial preparation of DNA gyrase in the world.

Highly Purified: Greater than 98% purity as determined by SDS-PAGE gel analysis. Purity is suitable for all molecular biology applications. This product does not contain bovine serum albumin, or any other protein additives.

Supplied: DNA gyrase is supplied in glycerol buffer at high concentration, usually 10 mg/ml or higher. Typical gyrase reactions can be easily accomplished by using a 100 fold (or more) dilution of this DNA gyrase preparation.

Quality Control: DNA gyrase is fully quality control tested for gyrase activity, and for absence non-specific endonuclease and exonuclease contaminating activities. DNA gyrase is free of contaminating DNA and RNA, and free of protein additives such as BSA.

Bulk Quantities: Bulk quantities from 100 mg to multiple grams are available at low cost. Please contact us for price and availability of bulk quantities.

Shipping: Standard shipping for T4 DNA ligase is Federal Express overnight delivery in dry ice.

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